Booking of hotels

Booking of hotels

Being a Travel Management Agency, it is our duty to provide our guests with the best accommodations, where we pick the best hotels with the most preferable price that offers the greatest services.

We work on granting various options of hotels in every journey of our packages, and we always look for the most suitable offers for our guests so they won’t have to go through the trouble of doing that by themselves.


Hotels in city

Stay close to the city center and whatever you need.
Variety choices of hotels From 3 stars up to 5 luxurious.
( Hilton – Marriott – Movenpick – Kempinski – Meridian – Four season – Sheraton).

Camping in the desert

Camping in the midst of Wadi Rum, and enjoying the wild night DJ parties.
Waking up to the beautiful sunrise, experiencing the awesome 4×4 rides in the desert.

Hotels by the seashore

Relax, take a break and let the sun sink in
Bathe  in the healing water of the dead sea, and enjoy the fun aquatic activities in Aqaba.

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